Intuitive abilities

1 credit p.m.


I possess exceptional intuitive abilities and an innate sensitivity to energies and vibrations with a remarkable capacity to perceive information beyond the ordinary senses .My keen insights and heightened awareness enable me to offer valuable guidance and predictions, connecting deeply with the thoughts, emotions, and intentions of others. With a blend of intuition, empathy, and an open mind, I navigate the unseen realms with grace, providing profound insights and facilitating transformative experiences. 

Gastenboek (1):

Ik had een goede reading met Salma. Ze voelt heel goed in de situatie en persoon en zegt rake dingen. Ben benieuwd hoe het afloopt, maar heb er vertrouwen in. Bedankt lieve Salma ik spreek je gauw weer. Liefs Anneke

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